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Tuesday, 18 June 2024
Golf course
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The Club

Our 76 hectare golf course is located on the grounds of a former military airbase in Niederkrüchten-Elmpt. The golf course was built in 1954 by the Royal Air Force as a sports facility for British serving soldiers and has since been carefully maintained and developed. The golf course is embedded in a beautiful park and heathland, out of range of any traffic noise and offers an environment ideal for golf at its best. The sandy ground allows speedy drainage and guarantees year-round playability.
On 1 June 2015, the Europäischer Golf Club Elmpter Wald e.V. took over the operation of the Elmpt golf course from West Rhine Golf Club. A long-term lease contract of the golf course began on 3.11.2015, following the handover of the military base back to the German state.

Following the handover of the military base, our aim is for the golf course in Elmpt to be perceived as an attractive, well-kept and varied course on the German-Dutch border between Mönchengladbach and Roermond. Our vision is that within the next few years, the facility will become a well-known, both economically and membership strong golf club in the Rhein-Maas-Nord region of Europe.

As a club we embrace our British roots and, using the Anglo-American paragon, we aim to honour this heritage by establishing golf as a sport available to everyone.
The EGC EW sees itself as host to golfers of all abilities and to people interested in learning to play. Age, social background or status, nationality or disability are irrelevant: anyone who wants to enjoy golf is welcome. We especially welcome golf beginners. We offer memberships on a graduated scale and our terms and conditions are very reasonable for members and guests alike.

Our excellent service, well-maintained and interesting golf course and homely kitchen and bar create a pleasant atmosphere for our members and guests. Our club prides itself on its open-armed approach and active membership. Young and old are joined together by their love of golf. Our juniors section is promoted by specific youth work and we offer a sporting home to the ambitious golfer.

Our course is over 60 years old and blends seamlessly into the surrounding forest and heathland of the De Meinweg / Maas-Schwalm-Nette nature reserve. We at the EGC Elmpter Wald see it as our long-term responsibility to care for and respect this exceptional environment.

We, along with our golf shop, golf school and catering section, are dedicated to our members and guests.