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What to do in a thunderstorm
Monday, 27 May 2024
Golf course
Summer greens
Driving Range
Not allowed

Please take note of this vital information and be aware that the huts on the golf course (including the Halfway House) are rain shelters and not protected against lightning.

Our golf club utilises a lightning early warning system. The club receives notification if lightning strikes within a radius of 15 km. When such a warning is received, the club office activates a siren which recommends evacuating the course. When the siren is sounded, every golfer should cease play and seek cover in the clubhouse. This can be reached from all points of the course within 15 minutes on foot.

The general rule is, regardless of whether playing in a competition or a private round, that despite having a lightning warning system, each golfer is always responsible for him or herself and deciding to stay on the course during a thunderstorm is at ones own risk!

Therefore please leave the course promptly if a thunderstorm is brewing. Should you however be suddenly caught in a storm on the course, do not under any circumstances remain in the vicinity of your golf trolley or clubs. Ensure you are at least 100m away from these!

Attached are the DGV’s official recommendations of what to do in the case of a thunderstorm at the golf course.